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5 Favorite Types of Logo Designs

The funny thing about searching for information on the Internet is that out of 3,000,000,000 results, you'll find 3,000,000,000 different answers in about 5.2 sections. True story.

Want to give it a try? Try typing: Logo ideas for my business

Overwhelming, isn't it? To help narrow the search, I'm tossing in my own favorites and will shake out some of the details to keep things quick and simple.

My five favorite logo designs are:

  • Wordmark

  • Mascot

  • Abstract

  • Emblem

  • Lettermark

Now, before you dive into the popular examples displayed below and bask in my formative opinions, there are a few things I hope you will keep in mind:

Designing your own logo does not mean you have to subscribe to just one type. Many businesses have a variation of designs and mix it up a bit by combining two or more types into one design. An example of this would be when you see a an iconic or abstract graphic together with a company name and tagline/description or web-address. You may consider this if your company's name doesn't describe its products or services.


Without the words 'Infusion Salon & Spa' the image and business name alone does not let consumers know what product or services are available.

Scroll down to learn about my five favorite types of popular logos and how they work best for businesses. To see a collection of my own logo designs, check out


A simple and bold way to strengthen brand recognition in a timeless fashion. Font choice and color selection is critical for making a wordmark logo pop.

Mascot Logos

The use of a character or image of a spokesperson incorporated into a logo is great for businesses who aim to appeal to families, sports fans, and children. It's like having your own brand ambassador built directly into your logo.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos allow businesses to represents their brands in a unique, one-of-a-kind design.

Emblem Logos: Like a family crest for your business

A mix of wordart and either mascot or abstract art to create a traditional stamp of branding.

Lettermark: The monogram of your business

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is more commonly referred to as and known by their acronym, NASA, which is also the basis of their logos. The same can be said for Home Box Office (HBO), the beloved paid-for television network and Federal Express, who simply shortened their name into the syllabic abbreviation form, FedEx.

One of the benefits of a lettermark logo is your company's name becomes its own icon and makes a bold stand in a minimalist fashion.

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