& Email Campaigns

Newsletters are traditionally used to send updates, share events, introduce new ideas, highlight promotions, and keep your contacts/clients informed. They are also a tool for and an extension of your branding.  

That being said ... designing and distributing newsletters can be a daunting (and sometimes frustrating) task for small businesses. 

In addition to capturing the attention and interest of your contacts/clients, we aim to capture the voice and culture of your business.  Designed to do more than provide information, we also focus on engagement and interaction! 

Commonly known as a 'Drip Campaign' an email campaign differs from a newsletter in its design and purpose. 

Although it's wise to avoid overwhelming the inbox of your clients/contacts, an email campaign is a carefully designed set of emails that follow a theme and a purpose. Many small businesses will use an email campaign to:

  • Introduce new products/services

  • Highlight products/services 

  • Provide targeted information

  • Targeting select contacts 

  • Share/highlight success and testimonies 

  • Collect data/contact information (polls)

  • ... and more


features include:

  • Clean, crisp layouts

  • Linked images and text

  • Customized ad/graphic designs

  • Personalized memo with signature

Additional features may include:
  • Contact forms and landing pages

  • Event registration forms

  • Multimedia integration

  • Surveys and polls 

  • Social media highlights and links

  • ... and more!