Logo & Custom Graphics

Custom logo and label art design/enhancement is critical for branding and promotion. If you are just starting out and do not have a logo, we'll work together to bring your mind's eye into a visual success. On the other hand, if you have a logo and are looking to update it and/or enhance it, there are several options to consider. 

There are several types of logos to consider having or adding to your current logo design file:

  • Lettermark / Monogram

  • Wordart

  • Abstract

  • Mascot

  • Letterforms

  • Brandmarks

  • Emblem

  • Combination Marks

* For examples of these, check out my blog: My Five Favorite Logo Types

Every social media platform encourages you to customize your business page(s) with branded graphics for page covers and profile images; however, unless you follow their format specifications and have a responsive design your pages and profiles will lose their impact and appear unprofessional, or messy.
Talk to me about Social Media Graphic Branding sets ... they're like the crease of a well-ironed suit.
All designs are created in high resolution and saved as either a PNG (transparent background) or JPEG (photo image).  Look below for design ideas and samples of my designs. 

Logo Upgrades:

If you already have a logo, you may be interested in upgrading it or acquiring a complimentary logo to expand your branding. ​

Additional features may include:
  • Custom contact forms and landing pages

  • Event registration forms

  • Logo integrations

  • Surveys Designs

  • Presentations

  • Print Marketing Materials

Nowadays, having a great logo is only the tip of the iceberg, which is why Blake Finley Marketing Solutions will create complimenting designs and promotional graphics specifically formatted to your social media and advertising needs:

  • Page covers for Instagram, Facebook, ...

  • Banners for LinkedIn, Etsy, Twitter, ... 

  • Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail 

  • Profile logo image for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn page, ...  

  • Facebook frames customized with your logo / style and uploaded to Facebook on your behalf. 

  • Custom print layouts for flyers, business cards, thank you cards, stickers, menus, brochures, banners, branded decor, swag items ...