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My Why

For as long as I can remember, I have effortlessly loved the world of marketing and public relations. From passion to a hobby, and now my own business, I thrive on helping business owners and fellow entrepreneur's design solutions for reaching their goals and representing their brand & mission with consistency, creativity, and simplicity.

There is a lot of talent, passion, and purpose in our community that remains to be unseen due to expensive and complicated marketing. I believe marketing and branding should build a business, rather than be a burden. My boutique style and approach helps individuals and small businesses to stand up and stand out with affordable solutions.

A little background ... 

Yes, I was the kid who 'geeked out' over office supplies and had loads of papercuts from tearing the hole-punched sides from dot matrix paper in the 1980's ... and once Microsoft Word and Clip-Art became available at home, there was no turning back!

"Why didn't you go to school for graphic design or advertising?"

... I hear this a lot! Truth is, I did. In my own way

My other passion in life is being an educator and presenter of instruction, as well as an advocate for children with special needs. So, I went to college to become a special education teacher ... but it was in the SCHOOLS where I worked, that I discovered everything I need to know about marketing and creative persuasion. In my free time, I practiced digital design and photography; however, what I believe connects marketing to success is appreciating the dynamics of what matters more than a product ... and that is people.

I'm not discounting the value of formal education in the fields of marketing or advertising, in fact, I owe a lot of my professional know-how and tech skills to my 20+ years bouncing around to/from various colleges and universities. I also believe it's in my DNA ... why else would I remember designing postcards and picking out promo items for my family's real estate company as one of my fondest childhood memories? But, rather than bore you with all my geeky details, I'll give you the option of clicking the button below (My Mom's Brag Book) to review my academic and professional credentials on LinkedIn:

Thank you again for visiting my site to learn more about the service and products available through Blake Finley Marketing Solutions. I look forward to working together and invite you to contact me here

Be well, aim high!

Denver Leigh, AKA

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P.S.  In case you're wondering, "Who is Blake Finley?"

Two very personal and special names to me are Blake and Finley. In no other way will I be able to give each name the life I wanted to; therefore, I have adopted them together to form my pseudonym or nom de plume, to name the feather of my writing and creative work.

5 Reason We Should Work Together:



Creativity meets know-how


Analytics vs. Analytical




Experience works both ways.